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Real estate investing


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using Self-Directed IRA for


  • Helping you source project houses
  • Development of business plans at your specific direction
  • Provide a full array of rehabilitation and construction services
  • Assist in marketing and selling your project
  • Full program and project management of the entire process
A self-directed IRA gives the IRA holder ultimate control over their investment future. This strategy enables investments in various assets that the account holder knows and understands best. The power of a self-directed IRA enables an almost endless array of investment options. Investments are not limited to stocks, bonds and mutual funds – investments in real estate, promissory notes, tax liens, are just a few of the other investment options. All of this is available while you maintain asset protection and all of the tax advantages that come with government-sponsored retirement plans.

​Too good to be true?  Not at all.  Many people are using their IRA money to grow wealth at rates much faster than you can achieve elsewhere.  Wake Manor can show you how, and assist along the way with many aspects of your investments.

​The team of Wake Manor Experts have proven experience leveraging these assets to buy homes in need of extensive rehabilitation, and creating beautiful living spaces for years to come.  Whether you are interested in creating rental revenues or revenues from buying and selling; Wake Manor is ready to help.

​Nobody can promise a return on investment.  You still need a solid business plan, reliable rehabilitation partners, and a clear path to leveraging your investment.  This is where Wake Manor leverages their team of proven experts to help guide you through the entire process. 

Services include:

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