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Transform your unused spaces into beautiful living environments.  This is just one of many examples where Wake Manor has transformed unused parts of your home into exciting and functional living spaces.  If you have unfinished space in your attic basement or over the garage; call us today for a free estimate.

Create a media center

This is a 14 foot by 25 foot multi-media center and movie theater that was once an unused storage are in the basement.  This project took just under four weeks on a budget of $14,000 (Excluding audio equipment)

tips from the experts

Things to consider when planning your media room

1) Location

The ideal location for viewing a movie is both dark and quiet.  You will need a way to limit daylight from the room and you must consider how sound travels in a home.  Ideal locations are under ground or on the highest story of your home.  Remember that sound travels through floors and walls - limiting that travel costs money.

2) Budget

The high end budget for a movie theater is limited only by imagination.  The example discussed above should be considered "entry level".  You can spend a big part of your budget on finishing the room, automation, electronics, furniture, amenities (bars).  The key items to consider spending more of your budget on are the projector, speakers, and seating.

3) Use

Are you likely to watch movies, listen to music, surf the Internet, or a combination of these.  There are many options available today to help tie technology and full-room automation together.  There are a few great local stores to help yo make the right decisions.  We recommend visiting a few and working out your electronics budget before planning the entire room.

Plan Ahead

All successful projects start with thorough and detailed planning.  Gather ideas from the experts, magazines, web pages, and friends.  Think about how your family will use the new space and focus on the top 5 things you want out of the room.

Research Your Contractor

A large-scale project like this demands time, effort, and expertise to execute.  Make sure your contractor has the experience and expertise to deal with complex projects with multiple moving parts.  Meet with the team, interview them, and ask for references.  And above all make sure they can be reached and they will respond to your questions when you call them.  If they are not responsive at the beginning of the project; what will happen later on?

Watch your Budget

Plan, budget to your plan, and watch the pennies.  It is far too easy to overspend early on and wind up running over budget just to get finished.  Stage your purchases between must-haves and can-buy-later if necessary.  Don't skimp on speakers and projectors.  More money here will pay off in the long run!

Project considerations

basement - Before